Design with Light Candle Dish



Use the Design With Light Glass Dish all year round for seasonal purposes. The Candle Dish, the latest addition to the minimalist, Scandinavian range has been designed by Maria Bernsen with a double handle in leather and innumerable uses – from serving of fine cupcakes and snacks to a welcome drink or Christmas treats and sweets. In the month of December, the dish is also ideal for some fir and cones as an alternative and transportable advent wreath or minimalist Christmas decoration. The Design With Light Candle Dish from Holmegaard is an elegant design and stylish, personal gift idea for use in any home.

Series: Design with Light
Color: Frosted
Material: Mouth-blown glass and full-grain leather
Diameter: 10.6"
Height: 1.6"
Note: Not dish-washer safe 

Type: Decor

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